Conference: CogSci 2018 @Madison!

The 40th Cog Sci annual meeting is coming this summer at Madison form July 25th to July 28th! This year the topic would be Mind/Changing. The conference will include most advanced studies in the field that have not been published literally elsewhere.

Major Symposia will include:

  1. “Changing Education”: big data goes to school
  2. “Changing Society”: persuasion, propaganda, and politics
  3. “Changing Science”: the Rumelhart price symposium

Keynote Speakers will include:

  1. Helen Neville, University of Oregon
  2. Matthew Botvinick, Google Deep Mind
  3. Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania

There will also be tutorial sections (mostly full-day) including:

  1. Quantum Models of Cognition and Decision
    • By Peter Bruza, Jerome Busemeyer, Peter Kvam, and Joyce Wang
    • No previous experience in the field of Quantum needed.
    • Approach to explore the detailed decision-making and cognition process from Quantum’s perspective.
    • An approach to explain the paradoxes found in human cognition and decision (attitude, inference, causal reasoning, judgment and decision, and memory).
  2. Statistics as pottery: Bayesian Data Analysis using Probabilistic Program
    • By Michael Tessler and Noah Goodman
    • Bayesian Data Analysis(BDA) “is a general, flexible alternative to standard statistical approaches (e.g. Null Hypothesis Significance Testing) that provides the scientist with clarity and ease to address their personal scientific questions.”
    • The tutorial allows attendees to integrate the basic level of BDA into their models and experiments optimization.
  3. Mixed Models in R – An Applied Introduction
    1. By Henrik Singmann
    2. introduction to implementing the Mixed model to include dependencies between the attributes/data of the same subject/experiment item in the analysis process: Ime4
    3. The introduction will also go over the functionality of afex that facilitates and simplifies some aspects of Ime4 (such as p-value calculation)
    4. Basic knowledge of R is expected.
  4. A behavioral measure of mindfulness for local and online data collection
    1. By Samuel Nordli and Thomas Gorman
    2. Half day
    3. The local/online programming that uses jsPsy to monitor the breath counting.
    4. This method can provide a more objective report for the studies that include mindfulness practices comparing to self-reporting methods.


For more information:

For registration (by July 13, 2018):

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