Does memory make us who we are?

From the introductory level of Psychology course, we have learned that memory stored in our brains through a process involving sensing, encoding, and storing. But is that it? Does memory make up an entire character of a person? I found that barely reasonable, and think more about, yet right "thinking". I believe that thinking is... Continue Reading →

More about Cog Sci…

I recently explored more on the role cognitive science has been expected to play when I was preparing for one of the presentations that I could use to introduce the basic concept of cognitive science to the students in China.   In fact, the "C" in NBIC stands for cognitive science. At the tail of... Continue Reading →

Conference: CogSci 2018 @Madison!

The 40th Cog Sci annual meeting is coming this summer at Madison form July 25th to July 28th! This year the topic would be Mind/Changing. The conference will include most advanced studies in the field that have not been published literally elsewhere. Major Symposia will include: "Changing Education": big data goes to school "Changing Society":... Continue Reading →

What is Cognitive Science?

Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary, scientific study of the mind and its processes. - Said Wikipedia.   Does it sound familiar? The definition itself looks similar to the definition of Psychology. So how are those two subjects related? Why does Cognitive Science matter? In fact, Psychology is one of the subfields that build up Cog Sci. As far as I... Continue Reading →

Paper #1: Karma or Immortality: Can Religion Influence Space-Time Mappings? by Heng Li

This article caught my eyes with its unique approach to study how religions impact on our perception in general. The concepts, initiatives, and research methods implemented are rather comprehensible and comparatively straight-forward. See abstract: People implicitly associate the “past” and “future” with “front” and “back” in their minds according to their cultural attitudes toward time. As... Continue Reading →

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